Business with the Remote Access Five Solutions

These conditions are perfect to debilitate a business, and immense revenue losses are experienced.

The appliance based remote desktop option has provided an alternative to control costs effectively despite the number of users in the environment. The applications and processes are deployed on the cloud that can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere on any remote device such as a laptop, an iPad, a tablet or an Android appliance. All that is required is a secure log in to gain access to your desktop environment. The RDP solution leverages business continuity as it provides you with consistent, powerful and highly secured net connectivity with stringent authentication and authorization access controls.

The solution provides you the advantage of a smooth and efficient business operation even in the absence of employees during a circumstantial emergency and even in catastrophic situations. The solution is a cost-effective model that enables rapid and high application availability to any remote device, thus accelerating productivity. It can be customized to provide support to your partners, employees and customers. The solution provides a single point of access for availability of the cloud services with real-time reporting services.

The SSL VPN remote access appliance does not require any pre-installed clients to access the services. A web browser suffices the need. You are provided with a broad range of access methods, encrypted connectivity, end-to-end security and uninterrupted performances. You are provided with cross-platform support for a range of operating systems and browsers. The solution maintains optimum uptime and provides scalable data center service with the server load balancers. It helps in optimizing the applications and IP services, offloads the web and application servers to enhance efficiency and provide you with richer returns.

The remote desktop solution provides an integrated platform for a comprehensive and centralized management process with plug and play product upgrade facilities. A large number of users can easily work without affecting the performance of the applications and the solution has competent plans in the repertoire to deal with contingencies or a spike in demand that can disrupt the workflow. The RDP solution has set the stage for the BYOD momentum in business.

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