Seven Creative Ways to Donate Your Time and Talent

You may one day find that you need the favor returned and if you shared good will, the world will return the spirit of giving to you when it is needed. Even if you have never experienced hardship in your life, giving and sharing with others is very rewarding. If you feel like the time has come to give back to your community, you have plenty of options. If you have special skills that are related to your career, you can use those skills in a charitable manner. For instance, church architects and assisted living design is a great way to share valuable skills with non-profit organization. If you are a chef, you can spend time preparing meals at a homeless shelter. Those who are business professionals can share their general knowledge and experience with those looking for work.

There are often community events in your area that could use an extra set of hands for set up or clean up. Community festivals are a great way to get to know your neighbors and the goal of the festival is often to raise funds or being the community together for a special cause. Consider donating your time to these festivals and helping with the before and after of the event or handling food service or organization during the event.

Working with children is a great way to give back to society in a very rewarding way. Consider participating in a brother or sister program where you act as a symbolic sibling for a small child that lacks guidance and adult role models. Kids who grow up in single parent homes may benefit from the influence of an adult who can share experiences and time with them. If you want to work with kids, consider donating time to a child who would love a chance to do some recreational activities with an adult.

You can also take charge on your own and organize a fundraising event for a cause or organization that is close to your heart. If you have a favorite organization in your community that lacks funds or could always use more, organize a fundraiser. If the idea of asking for money makes you uncomfortable, be creative with how people can support the organization. You can hold a drive for a childcare center or children’s hospital and ask for toys, books and clothes, in addition to monetary donations.

Finally, remember the animals in your community. Most people live close to an animal shelter and can donate their time helping with the care of the animals. Sometimes people forget the animals around them need support just like the humans. If you want to give back, consider working with an animal shelter.

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