Top 8 File Hosting Service Providers

The demand for storage space is increasing at a rapid pace as the files continue to become larger and there are numerous new things that everyone wants to download everyday. Today, we often run out of space even with multiple hard drives… Then there are issues like the need for sending a file to someone, but your e-mail service provider does not permit you to do so, due to huge size of attachment.

Other needs include backing up files, so that you may download them later. This is where file hosting service comes into the picture, and some of the big players offer such services for free for personal use.

Some of these popular service providers are listed below.

1. Filedropper: Here, all you need to do is select “Upload” and then choose a file to be uploaded. Most of the service providers offer the option of uploading a file of up to 150 MB, but with Filedropper you can upload a file as bulky as 5 GB. At the end of uploading process, you get a link and source code, which can later be added to a website if required by the user.

2. MyFreeFileHosting: This one includes features like a notification email that can be sent to someone to alert them about the upload, tags to put different files under different categories etc. Needless to say, after uploading the option of downloading, distribution is available. A maximum file size of 100MB is allowed.

3. Easyshare: With a free account in Easyshare, you can upload a maximum file size of 100 MB. This file hosting service provider is famous for offering numerous features that are not seen elsewhere. Not only registering and uploading is far quicker, but even the option of multiple downloads is available with Easyshare. USP of Easyshare is that it pays the users for uploading, which is unheard elsewhere. If the file uploaded by you gets downloaded for 10,000 times, then they pay you $20 and with the help of their tool-bar you can earn even more. Not to mention for ever referral you get 10% of their earnings. Yet another awesome feature of this file hosting service provider is various options of uploading the file. You can choose to upload file directly from your computer, free software, an FTP server or from a remote server.

4. Media Fire: Media Fire offers a wide range of free features along with unlimited downloads, but they’re limited to only 100MB/file. It does not require any sign up, and you don’t need to download and install any software to use their services.

5. File Savr: They offer free service and do not need any registration before you start uploading. Files are stored “as-is” forever and can be downloaded unlimited number of times. The service is fast and hassle-free; maximum uploads of 10GB are allowed.

6. FileFactory: This one is like any other service provider, but additionally offers the feature of email notification for every uploaded file. The drawback is that you might have to put up with many advertisements if you are not a premium account holder. Just like Easyshare, even FileFactory pays the users for uploading files. The maximum file size per upload is 300MB.

7. Fileden: The users can start uploading files even without opening an account. The file size for every upload is 100MB. With an account you get unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited disk space to replace files and its statistics, create new projects etc.

8. Fileqube: The attractive and unique site design itself tells you what its intentions are. Uploading and downloading speeds are lightening fast, and you can upload files up to 100MB in a matter of couple of minutes if you’ve a good broadband internet connection. After uploading, you get a link for downloading and a link for removing the file. You also get a source code for adding the link to your website. The maximum upload file size is 150MB.

Tips for Entering the File Hosting Market

If you want to enter the file hosting service niche, then you should think of offering free services like FileDropper, and develop a good customer-base. Once you’ve got tons of subscribers, you should launch the paid services, and you can be rest assured of decent conversions, because those who enjoy your services wouldn’t mind paying a small monthly subscription charge. However, you mustn’t get too greedy, and set the pricing right. Another important aspect is that you must build your USP to attract the customers, otherwise you’d simply get lost amongst tons of other contenders in the market.

Furthermore, it’s none less than a patience game, because you’ll have to easily wait for a year or two, to turn profitable, because the server costs would definitely be pretty high during initial stages, and you won’t find too many customers for your paid service right from the outset. So, make sure that you enter the market with a solid game-plan, and look to break even only after 6 months, and think about profitability after a year or so.

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