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These reviews and our WordPress hosting guide help small businesses and startups find the best WordPress hosting for their business.

  1. Bluehost – Best Overall WordPress Hosting
  2. SiteGround – Best Customer Support for WordPress Hosting
  3. WP Engine – Best Managed WordPress Hosting
  4. DreamHost – Best WordPress Hosting Month to Month Plan
  5. Cloudways – Best Managed Cloud Hosting for WordPress Users
  6. Nexcess – Best WordPress Hosting for Customization
  7. Hostinger – Best Budget WordPress Hosting
  8. A2 Hosting – Best WordPress Hosting for Speed
  9. InMotion Hosting – Best WordPress Hosting for Uptime Gurantee
  10. HostGator – Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners

WordPress is easily the most widely used and popular website builder and CMS (content management system) in the world. The platform powers the websites of users that range from personal bloggers and small businesses to globe-spanning companies.

WordPress hosting providers offer you a hosting product which is conveniently pre-configured to host a WordPress powered site efficiently. As there’s no industry-standard definition for the term “WordPress Hosting”, note that the exact product can vary from one host to another.

In many cases, WordPress hosting is often used for the famous 3 “S’s” – to secure, to simplify, and to efficiently speed up a WordPress installation compared to a standard WordPress install on typical Linux servers.

Note that the additional features provided will vary depending mainly on the kind of WordPress hosting that you go with for your website. However, in most cases, it will be equipped with some features, such as one-click-install. This will allow you to quickly install WordPress on your website, or even automatic updates to your WordPress core.

Although general hosting providers allow you to install WordPress as one of the several content management options, note that managed WordPress hosting only focuses on WordPress itself. When you opt for a managed WordPress hosting plan, then all aspects of the service, such as servers and technical support, are geared toward helping you maximize the potential and reach of WordPress.


You probably would not trust your BMW or Mercedes Benz to any roadside mechanic. Rather, you would bring it to an experienced and established repair shop that specializes in these brands of automobiles. Note that your website is similar to your car. If you use it well, it will help in driving your business forward. However, unlike a vehicle that depreciates with time, your site will continually add more value to your small business.

So, if you would like your site to perform optimally in the long run, you must have it hosted by a reliable platform that tends to specialize in its system. And WordPress is definitely the brand that is synonymous with dependability and performance when it comes to websites. Businesses all over the world trust WordPress more than other platforms for enhancing their presence and visibility on the Internet.

As the entire setup and technology of a WordPress hosting service provider is customized for a WordPress site, you will be assured that your site will run optimally with improved uptime and faster download speed.

Also, keep in mind that choosing enterprise WordPress hosting also means that you will be able to better ensure that all your data is backed up. Plus, your data will also be easily recallable and recoverable via advanced cloud setups. This is because of the robust technology that these hosting plans can implement in order to ensure your data is stored correctly.

You probably know that finding the most suitable hosting provider for your WordPress site is not as simple as it should be. There are many factors to consider. Are uptime and reliability most important to you? Or is it fast servers and page loading times? What if you need it all?

To make it simple for you, we have made a list of things you should look for in a WordPress hosting service. Make a list of your current needs and what your project will likely need one year from now. This is because you can usually save some money if you sign up for a yearly hosting plan. And here are some other factors you should think about:

• Does the web host provide you with a migration service or tool?
• The number of WordPress sites you will host
• Does the host support HTTPS? Is SSL provided?
• Other than WordPress, will you have to install any other scripts on either a subdomain or a separate domain?
• Does your hosting provider support unlimited domains and subdomains? Or will there be a move to another web host in order to get these features?
• The version of MySQL and PHP the host is using. Is it compatible with the requirements of WordPress?
• Your willingness to pay an extra sum for backup services
• Do you want to take advantage of a free domain?
• Do you prefer an ethical web hosting service? For example, one that values Eco-friendliness.

As you can expect, costs for WordPress hosting can vary considerably. For example, shared hosting that features a WordPress hosting option is usually very inexpensive, and basic hosting packages often start at under $5.

On the other hand, tiered service plans often allow you to add some more options if you are willing to spend some extra dollars. For some providers, this often includes WordPress specific hosting usually within a generalized hosting framework and comes at a slightly higher price compared to shared web hosting with a WordPress install.

Keep in mind that managed WordPress hosting services may cost 7 to 10 times the average cost of a shared web hosting account. This is for the most basic plans, which usually start at about $30 and can run into the hundreds when you add additional services to the hosting plan.

Although this can be an important expenditure for owners of large and high traffic WordPress websites, often even basic managed web hosting may offer WordPress website owners more convenience, reliability, and security that easily outweigh the lower costs of many shared web hosting plans that come with the option of a standard WordPress install.

Also, WordPress hosting is often available in multiple forms that have varying levels of support and service. However, with options that range from simple shared web hosting to managed web hosting that is fully WordPress-centered, there is certainly a hosting solution for almost any WordPress powered website.

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