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Why BodyPost Capri Pants are Better

Choosing a Capri pant that will support you during workout sessions and has such a design and style that you can wear it for other activities is a daunting task. Here I will share my story of how I found BodyPost Capri pants better for me than other brand capris. A best pair of Capri should be the versatile one that can be taken to my summer vacation and can be used for multipurpose.

However I understand that a pair for all these actions is not so easy to find, so I went for a check out in the market and I began with two leading sportswear companies, one of them was the Women’s Sports Spandex Pants newly released by BodyPost and other one was the Adidas Studio Sport Capris. The one I select will be lucky enough to go with me on my summer trip to Hawaii, and possibly to take a place as part of my daily exercises kit!

The pants consist of the Adidas CLIMALITE system built into the fabric, designed to take moisture away from the body. On the other hand, the BodyPost pants are of bright coral color with dark anthracite and black color. The BodyPost moisture transport system is included here to perform as the CLIMALITE system feature of the Adidas product. Both the products are performing the same job of keeping you cool and dry during your hard workout hours.

I found Adidas capri pants with three color combinations of “black/candy/pink”, “fresh candy/phantom” and “macaw/black”. The governing color on each pant of Adidas is the black or phantom with another beautiful contrasting color at waistband. According to design, the Adidas pants are typical casual and sporty style and feature the Adidas logo printed below the waistband. BodyPost’s Spandex pants are a little unusual with a cutout design on the back (that looks very attractive) and gathering detail at the bottom of each leg. Both pants have a deep waistband, which is adjustable to all figures.

Although the BodyPost Capri pants have a unique drawstring waist option that will help in adjusting to your own requirements.

The Adidas capri pants are made of a new material known as sueded polyester, which has lovely soft suede feel to it. However, as soft as this material was to touch, I felt it may become uncomfortable to wear in hot climates or during an intense workout sessions. However the BodyPost capri pants are made of spandex that I thought might give a little bit “clingy” appearance but it only has a small part of spandex that doesn’t appear ‘clingy’ at all. The Adidas pants can be found in four sizes with the price of $40 each; on the other hand you can have the BodyPost ones with a wallet-friendly price of just $29.50 each with three different sizes.

In a word, according to my requirements of what I want from a pair of capris, I think that the BodyPost product had the edge. The Adidas is a renowned brand with excellent quality products and a good sporty appearance but I was looking for more than that. The eye catching design features of the BodyPost pants will enable me to wear them on any occasions whilst on vacation, and the high quality sports feat.

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