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Top Five Recommendations on Guitar

Suggest that if a beginner would be best not to rush to play big tunes, best to lay the basic skills. A very important thing is to open a hand with his right hand in his left hand between two fingers of each force to both sides of the points, this is the bomb necessary before a piano work comes to learning guitar, first right-hand man of the match, you can start from Page Zi, do not plan quickly, from a slow start, but to open the metronome speed is not the most important, the most important the left and right hand co-ordination and rhythm of the body and hands accurately as well playing the position must be correct, if not start to develop good habits, and other future changes, is very, very difficult.

Then you can practice independent finger sex, this is very important to practice it is relatively hard, but we must remember that when your fingers are tired, stop immediately, do not continue Lianxia Qu, avoid muscle strain. Also, sometimes when a training exercise clip for a long time or did not fall, can be put off, practice the other, then back to practice this segment, I believe a lot easier. then it is recommended to practice self-denial materials Kobayashi (electric guitar this is a very classic textbook, but if want to learn the system, recommended classical foundation, you can first learn classical guitar Karl Casey materials, the materials step by step, easy to understand, contains a lot of guitarist Saul, and even change the practice of Bach’s classic song), this material avoids the current study to focus only on guitar speed errors, and enhanced skills training in learning this material at the same time, basic music theory if it is not very good friends, you can carefully to understand this book that some of the music theory, But this is not enough, even the best specialized learning music theory, but this is the force does not come, do not worry, understand first, if only in mind is useless, in conjunction with music to understand it, it can work for you, etc.

Katsumi Kobayashi finished primary school, you can go try to play some difficulty for a track in the middle school Katsumi Kobayashi time, we should also pay attention to look at the guitar, speaker and effects of knowledge, because to be an excellent guitarist, playing a good light is of no use, every great guitarist, have their own, distinctive sound for an electric guitar musicians, your technology is not only reflected in the shells of no better Well, as reflected in your understanding and mastery of tone, but as a practical and affordable issues, how to use low-end equipment to get very good sound is an excellent guitarist for the test this time your guitar, the effect device and speakers have some knowledge, you can save some money to replace it considered a number of good equipment, you have at this time will play a lot of things, Qin Ji temporarily stalled because of the basic skills have been mastered, The play will change things a lot more than you will take the time to learn new things, so the interest may be some bruising, a good set of equipment will be timely at this time to stimulate your interest in the guitar and motivation to learn, and can make your technology more thoroughly demonstrated. this time there is one important thing is to seize the time to set a band, a band not to start a band asking for too much, this is just training you and other musicians the interface between the can also help you find your own place.[] I believe with the band rehearsed a few times, you should have a new understanding of sound, usually their own home should know and playing with the band and practice are two fundamentally different concepts, there When you make a sound when your playing at home feeling very good, but when the ensemble and the band becomes very bad, because we and the orchestra, the volume playing at home than their larger and more open, tone sounds quite different.

But also the BASS and drums, and rhythm guitar, lead singer’s voice, mixed together, the sound is likely to be other people “flooded” out, this time we should consider the EQ to make new adjustments, EQ adjustment is also a need to focus on learning, but this depends on the usual polish and force does not come, usually when we are playing at home, accustomed to low-frequency open slightly higher, so it sounds more delicate sound, stable, but and orchestra of the time, because the BASS and rhythm guitar, it should open slightly higher frequency and high frequency, low frequency can be reduced to ensure that your sound is so prominent SOLO, while not as rehearsals and performances, performances time because of the audience, the crowd will absorb part of the low, so low frequency but also higher than usual opening of these musicians are on a cumulative experience for a musician, the experience is very, very valuable asset when You have a wealth of experience, and you will come to the fore in the hands of many guitars, the stage will affect your temperament.

Good to play piano, we must listen, not only the number to more and more species should preferably not form a partial mouth blindly listen to one type of music, so let your lack of material change, the music has become monotonous and even do not blindly listen to the music with the guitar, no matter what type of music, regardless of what is to played, have a wide range of absorption as well is the best look at the guitar knowledge, I recommend you set this magazine, it is really good, very comprehensive. which can not only tell you the world of guitar hands are currently doing, introduce some more classic guitar hero, I believe the understanding of the equipment can be largely improved, which is also good practice, etc.

You Katsumi Kobayashi completion of the intermediate, you can already be considered a qualified amateur musicians, and this time you can go to collect some of the old version of Kobayashi self-denial materials, appendices there are some classic tracks, and a senior articles, later learning depends on individual effort and savvy, but in fact Speaking of perception, not all born with, is through basic training and usually a lot of training out of listening to music, although now very easy to find the guitar spectrum, there is such a convenient software GTP, but I still recommend you go Grilled with, because that sense of your music and the guitar is very useful to understand if it’s best to try to see to see the spectrum read music at the beginning if you have difficulties, you can control the guitar 6 line spectrum point of view, but must gradually from the 6-line spectrum, do not rely on it.

Katsumi Kobayashi materials is less emphasis on speed, self-denial if Kobayashi had finished materials, feel the speed is inadequate, I suggest a little practice can go look at Joey’s materials, but some be careful not to blindly focus on speed, when you step by step to continue to practice, the speed is sooner or later. Now, you can try to do some writing, and now have a computer, it is very convenient, but must pay attention to, as a music hand, although the technology is essential, but a piece of music technology is always better than the performance of important technical tool is the performance of music, when music needs, you can use your techniques to express perfect, but when the music does not require the when the accumulation of redundant technology is not sophisticated than how much a few simple notes, if the music only as a show of technology in the form, then your music will not be bound to welcome a guitarist can go far in the end, the decisive role play is based is not strong, so be sure to proceed step by step every step, do not rush into every time before playing a half hour to do open hands and fingers inside the Page Zi training, no matter how sophisticated your technology is, this good practice also remains to keep this before playing can help you quickly enter the state, so you practice more with less, so your performance flawless…

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