Ten Marketing Strategies that don’t Cost a Fortune

Do you think marketing is just a routine job that is required of every business? If you are new in the business industry, you would probably be having a hard time finding the perfect marketing campaign for your business. Add to that the lack of money and you surely have a big problem at hand. If you want your business to be successful, you need to invest well in your marketing program.

There are actually plenty of ways to market economically these days. Here are some of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote your business what will help funnel customers to your business.

  1. Think of whole year marketing. Think of custom calendars. A lot of business owners don’t actually realize the effectiveness of calendars. This simple tool is actually one of the best ways to promote to people for a whole year without extra expenses. If you can create the best and most attractive calendars, you can guarantee that people will display them and hold on to them for the whole year. No extra effort is required. Just make sure your calendars are well designed and professionally printed.
  2. Make the most of your business cards. It is important that you use both sides of your cards. Keep in mind that people are likely to turn over the cards they receive. If you have been disregarding the back of your cards in the past, it’s time you think of it today. You can actually do a lot of things at the back of your cards. You can print additional information in it such as a map, list of your products or services, and store hours. When people flip your cards, they will see the information and be encouraged to hold on to your cards.
  3. Make your post cards interesting and compelling. Be sure to add a compelling offer in your cards to make them appealing. This can be a discount, reward, or incentive. If you can include a dealing in your offerings, the better as this will motivate your customers to act at once. A strong headline is also important so people will be attracted to your cards at once.
  4. Create your own web site. It helps to stay in tune with the latest in technology. With the advent of the internet, you need to make sure that you make your presence known in the online market as well. You can include your web site in your printed marketing materials so people will know of your online presence.
  5. Be sure to connect with your customers consistently. You can do this once a week to ensure that people are reminded of you. The easiest way to do this is through post cards. Create a series of cards you can send for several mailings. This will ensure that people are minded of your business and they will easily know the latest about your business. You can also send email, but remember that these will likely result in spam mail. You have to make sure people are willing to receive you email so it doesn’t end up being deleted without getting read.
  6. Make sure that whatever marketing materials you produce, whether it is business cards or calendar templates ensure that they are designed well.

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