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Student airfare deals abound, considering the small number of student travel agencies in existence. Most student airfares are negotiated through SATA (Student Air Travel Association) and are for full time students or youth under 26.* Remember to check any student airfares against an aggregator to ensure you’ve found the best bargain, and check the plus plus! On to the main event: available current student airfare deals (scroll to see ’em all):
STA always has student airfare deals going on — check in anytime to save some bucks. Current airfare deals from STA:
Lowest prices on student airfares guarantee — if you find a better one, STA will actually match it plus give you an ISIC card free.
Domestic one way from $50 — Domestic means within the US; doesn’t include the plus plus of $20-$25 in taxes. The $50 special is Chicago-Minneapolis; Newark-Miami’s $67+, Dallas-Chicago $98+, and Chicago-Denver from $88. Fares can be doubled for round trips; watch for potential weekend surcharges of up to $40 for travel on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Buy direct
London from $538 roundtrip — that’s from Chicago, and doesn’t include taxes of $120-$240 depending on routing. Buy direct
Australia $735 roundtrip — LA to Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, plus flight, hotel and activity packages from $954. Buy direct
Airtran standby for students is the only standby program left in the United States, basically, and it’s just for students — keep it in mind as a backup plan! Do note that Airtran’s standby program has blackout dates, with a big one being through the Christmas and year-end holidays.
Lufthansa Generation Fly has no great deals on their student airfare program going on right now — worth keeping an eye on, though.
Another not-a-deal-but-know-about-this thing: get a free iPod Shuffle when booking an $800 or more Contiki trip through Smarter Travel’s TravelCuts student airfare agency. Other student airfare deals on from TravelCuts right now (prices shown *do not* include taxes and fees — the plus plus — and they may be a bundle, so check totals before deciding to buy):
Boston-London — $140 RT
New York-Tokyo — $640 RT
New York-Barcelona — $167 RT (wow!)
Washington DC-Rio de Janeiro — $680 RT
Miami-Moscow — $308 (double wow!)
San Francisco-Budapest — $386 RT
Seattle-Shanghai — $573
Chicago-Prague — $294
San Diego-Amsterdam — $278
Los Angeles-Auckland — $795
Check out Travelcuts’ flight specials page for more.

* You can buy student airfares with an ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC youth travel / identity card (less than $25).
Other Student Travel Specials
Keep an eye on the Rail Europe specials page for deals on train passes and tickets in Europe, and check out how to get student travel discounts on all kinds of transportation, lodging and more.

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