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Be an Over-50 Catalog Model

It used to be that almost all the catalogs that you will find all over America feature skinny, waif-like women in their 20s. Design companies have created this look like this should be the epitome of all-American women. But nowadays designers and clothes manufacturers have given in to the clamor of a much larger population of women who also like stylish clothes but are no longer in the prime of their youth and already have less than perfect magazine cover bodies. We are now seeing a surge of supply in clothing for women 50 years old and above. Their clothes are trendy but age appropriate. And since there are clothes to sell, sellers have also begun catalog printing of over-50 clothes.

Because of this need, modeling agencies are now looking out for fit and attractive over 50 models for their client’s fashion booklet. If you had been interested in modeling but was never given a chance to try when you were younger because of one reason or another, then this might be your chance to shine. It is never too late. Below are some guidelines that will help you get nearer your dream of becoming a model.

  1. Before contacting a modeling or talent agency, you will need to do a self-assessment. If you are 50 years old and above and you haven’t done anything that required you to dress up for some time now, then it is time for a self-assessment. Are you comfortable and confident with your body? At 50, would you consider yourself fit and still attractive? Would you be comfortable in make up under heavy lights posing for the camera? Have any of your family members commented that you look good in pictures? Would you still feel comfortable being in social situations because you know models would need to interact with producers, directors, makeup artists, stylists, and of course photographers and their assistants? Are you cool with criticisms, both constructive and otherwise? If you have answered no to any of the questions above, then you may rethink if a modeling career is indeed for you.
  2. But if you answered yes to the self-assessment questions above, the next thing to do is look for modeling agencies. If you are residing in a big city like Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago, chances are; there are many talent agencies around. If not, then you will have to look at neighboring cities. Or better yet, do a research on the internet about different modeling agencies nearest you. Look out for those that have a special section for over-50 models. If a particular agency that interests you does not have vacancies for older models, then call them first if they are interested in your application before sending one.
  3. After you have shortlisted the agencies that you would like to work with, thoroughly review their requirements because some of them ask for different items in your portfolio, like different sizes and shots for your prints. You may also watch out for those “open call events” where aspiring models can show off what they’ve got.
    Just be careful though because some women have been victimized by agencies that only make modeling as their front. So read the reviews about a particular agency before getting into it. If you are looking into the possibility of becoming a model for over-50 catalogs, then start on preparing yourself, like getting your hair done and all the other niceties that women do. Who knows, you might be on the cover of the next catalog printing of your local clothes shop?

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