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2021 The importance of CET in China

As we know, it is a global society at modern times, the business is doing all over the world, so there is a need for a global language, so English is just the language we need. After China joined the WTO, China become a international market, a great many foreigners come to China for business , and more and more Chinese do their business from country to country, so English is not only a fashion, but also a necessary tool, it can be easy for people to exchange, so that their business is getting bigger and bigger. To be a modern people, we need to learn English well. However, how do we judge a person’s English level, especially a man who has just graduated from college? Maybe somebody said that the employer can talk with the man, if he (she) can talk with you, and speak fluently, it is obvious that his (her) English is well. Probably it works in some foreign countries, but it do not work in China, the only way Chinese people recognized is check your certificate of the CET. It is better if you passed the CET-six after you have passed the CET-four, and the more scores you get, the better your English is. When you have an interview, they do not care whether you can speak English well and how good you can use English, they just accept the certificate of CET, if you have one, even you cannot speak, and they will think you can. As a result, there are more than two billion students take part in the CET. Someone do not want to learn English well, they just want to get the certificate, for they can find a good job. To me, I cannot say the aim I try my best to learn English is not to find a good job, but actually I like English, I like listening to English, I like speaking English, so I work hard on it. When I watch TV of someone speak English fluently, I envy them so much, how I wish the one is me. There is another reason that I like English, it is that I like America movies, I look forward that I can understand what they say without seeing the words that translated into Chinese, of course if possible I hope I can talk with some foreigners. Maybe someday I will go to abroad, so I need to learn it well too. There are only several days from the next CET-six, and I still have not pass it, so I must work hard to pass it, for my dreams. Although I have take part in it for some times, and I did not done, but I have confident I can do it this time. Even though I cannot pass it, I do my best, I will not regret about it. Work hard, you can do it, believe yourself.

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